Update on Our New School Building

✨The future of TPS is bright and full of hope!!!!✨
We are delighted to inform you of the fantastic news that the Department of Education announced today that the money for our new school building is ring fenced and that we are commencing the process of appointing a design team. This is a significant milestone as it illustrates the commitment from the Department to provide state of the art facilities on our 14 acre site and ensures that the children of Trinity Primary School will be awarded every opportunity to reach their full potential.
We are appreciative of the efforts of all of the stakeholders within our community, public representatives, parents, the school board and patron, staff and students who have all been hugely supportive in driving forward our school building project.
We look forward with optimism and excitement to this next stage in creating a modern, safe and inclusive school which will cater for the educational needs of all children within the school community for many years to come.
Check out some of our students on our 14 acres site today! 😊 #tps2022 #newbuild #newschoolbuilding