TPS GO NATIONWIDE – 6th Class 2020 appear on Carambola Lunch Bags

Last year our 6th class students in C2 wrote a letter of complaint (as part of their English) about the amount of plastic in the Carambola lunches.

After some consultation between Carambola and the 6th class pupils last year, Carambola have said that they will introduce a scoring system showing how environmentally friendly the contents are. Children will be able select items depending how environmentally friendly they are.

As recognition of the 6th class students involvement in the initiative, they have been named with a scanned copy of their signatures on the Carambola lunch bags. Every school in Ireland who have lunches provided by Carambola will also be getting the bags!

Pictured below are the current 6th Class, including Megan and Brianna whose sister Charlene was in the class last year.