Ms Atkinson’s Class – 2nd Class Activities

Dear Parents,

We have assigned work for your child to complete over our time off.
In addition to this, children may wish to carry out some of the following activities.
1. Create a creation of their own choice using boxes etc. Examples may include a castle, a 
    rocket or a robot.
2. To write about their favourite sports star or favourite person of interest.
3. To write about and draw their favourite animal.
4. and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS
    This a fantastic resource. It is free for the month of March. Check it out! It has interesting powerpoints, stories, games and worksheets for your child.
5. is an excellent resource for your child to practise their maths skills. Your  child has his own account and password.
    Most of all have fun and stay safe.
    See you all soon,
    Rosemarie Atkinson & Helena Meehan